Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the Name Mean?

If you don’t know what “REEL” means, you’re on the wrong site. 

GROK, on the other hand, has been borrowed from Robert Heinlein’s novel, “Stranger in a Strange Land.”  It means to understand something so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed.  In short, the information becomes a part of the person seeking it. We hope this site can have just a bit of that impact on its users.


How & What to Post

Post your work. Your resume, of course, plus videos, films, audio, music, stills, scripts or drawings. YOUR WORK, whatever it may be.  Everything except pornography, but beyond that, there are few limitations.

We do not judge the quality of anyone’s work here. However, remember that you will be known by the work you display. Only you can determine if your work is good enough to be shared with the world. And you’re the only one responsible for repercussions, good or bad, from the material you post.

We reserve the right to remove all materials at our own discretion and without limitation of any kind. 

Membership Levels

The site is open to everyone, even non-members.  There are, however, limitations.  Everyone can view the work of our members or read the blogs and reviews, check our festival listings or go on a shopping spree in the GrokShop.  

Members, however, enjoy many other perks, including the ability to post work, search for jobs, respond to our new Talk Forums….  Members also get deep discounts on all our services.  And can even earn money by referring new members.  It’s a very long list and you’ll find it here.  

Search Engine

Reelgrok is all about its search engine. With help from you, we’ve integrated a complex and complete search engine that can find almost any specific you want.

To use the reelgrok search engine, click PORTFOLIO here.

Your search can be as simple as picking the appropriate category, such as “reels” or “audio.”  We’ll give you a list of everyone who does that kind of work.   Or make your search as complex as necessary by selecting the Advanced Search to narrow your search any way you like.  Look for any factor, from specific locations to the medium or the Key Words used to describe the file.

That’s the kicker here. Key Words.

Filmmakers who submit their work – any kind of work – select their own Key Words to describe the file or scene. Then we turn the material over to our crack search staff.

That’s when we review the material, frame-by-frame, identifying every moment of every scene. Red clothes, blue sky, green leaves, little girl on a wooden swing. We’ll look for anything, everything to help you narrow your search down to essentials.

And when you’re looking for the perfect art director who knows how to build just the right set for a little girl in a playground under a bright blue sky, we’ll show you the footage and give you the name.

And it all happens faster than you can say “Hey, who shot that….” Sweet.

How to Contact Us….

We’re a small company. Most communications are handled by two ancients with skinny black ties and green eyeshades who happened to wander into the back room while searching for the john.

What’s all that mean to you? It means, please be patient. Our stellar staff may be otherwise indisposed when you write. Fill out this form and we’ll respond to your emails as quickly as we can….