About Us

You want to know about us…?

What’s reelgrok

Reelgrok is a clearinghouse for filmmakers. It’s where you find the tools for every production job.  If you need it for your shoot, we’ll try to post it here.

Reelgrok is a mecca for filmmakers from newbies to seasoned old pros. Agents and agencies, talent scouts, managers, agents, film producers and directors….

What’s the Name Mean

If you don’t know what REEL means, you’re on the wrong site.  GROK, on the other hand, is borrowed from Robert Heinlein’s novel, “Stranger in a Strange Land” and it means understanding something so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed.  In short, the information is indistinguishable from the person seeking it.

We hope this site can have that impact on its users.

How to Contact Us

We’re a small company. Most communications are handled by two ancients with skinny black ties and green eyeshades who happened to wander into the back room while searching for the john.

What’s all that mean to you? It means, please be patient. Our stellar staff may be otherwise indisposed when you write. Fill out this form and we’ll respond to your emails as quickly as we can….