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Now that I’ve picked up my new Galaxy S5, I know it’s a lot more fragile than it looks. I learned that the hard way.

The screen on my S4 cracked the first time I sat down with the phone in my pocked. I still wake up screaming as that awful sound chases me through my nightmares. Then I dropped the poor cracked phone in the toilet. No, not on purpose, though I’d considered it. Just oh-no-whoops and it was under water.

Interestingly, the phone continued to work just fine. But that’s another story.

I promised myself I wouldn’t be quite as cavalier with this update. Actually, my wife made me promise, but that too is another story. Now I was facing a sea of choices.

There’s a plethora of off-the-rack cases. Too bad they seem so, well, off-the-rack. Cheap looking and worse feeling. Too slippery feeling and cheap looking.

I looked at OtterBox, too. Beautifully solid and well-constructed, but all that solid construction makes the case big and bulky. Not nice to hold and an effort to squeeze into my pocket.

That brought me to iLuv. I’d used their products over the years, most recently their wonderful headphones. And I ended up with their FlightFit case. Like OtterBox, it’s a dual-layer design, though not as bulky to hold.  The inner foam layer (thermoplastic polyurethane) extends to an opening on the back of the case, adding a visual contrast and, more importantly, a finger-hold for the too-slipper plastic back (thermoplastic polyurethane).

The two-pieces work together perfectly. A hard shell to withstand drops and dings. A soft inner-lining to handle shocks and bumps.

Some of the available color combos were not made for me – white/purple, blue/pink, not/me. I opted for black/gray. It’s simple. It holds the phone securely. Buttons are in the contrasting color and easy to access. The foam bumper extends all the way around the screen just in case I do again what I’ve always done before…. Oops.

Fortunately, iLuv has me covered this time.

iLuv –
FlightFit Dual Layer Case
MSRP: $25