Producer’s Cut: a blog by Norman C. Berns

Norman C. Berns has a 40-year track record of producing award-winning films, working with top caliber teams and keeping his projects on-topic, on-budget and out of the ordinary.

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Beginning as a stage director, Norman’s production work has included features and documentaries, TV series and commercials. He was the line-producer on television’s first super-gritty, almost-reality cop show, The Street, for Universal and the CBS series, Wish You Were Here. As a senior producer at Fallon-Minneapolis, he introduced advertisers to new media and was part of the team that created the Internet’s ground-breaking, Cleo-winning web series, The Hire, five short adventure films sponsored by BMW.

An Emmy-winning producer- for his work with The Metropolitan Opera, Norman’s documentary series, The Writing Code, aired for over an year on PBS and can now be found in schools and libraries worldwide. He is currently producing The Enlightenment, a feature film about James Cook’s discovery of Hawaii, the first man who claimed “to go where no man has gone before….”

Norman was an original columnist for the seminal online publication, WebZine Weekly, and has written for The Directors Guild, Tripod and BTL News among many others. He is a regular contributor to ReelGrok (www.reel and Baseline (, a New York Times company. He joined nine leading filmmakers to write “The Modern Moviemaking Movement” ( and authored a key chapter of Carole Dean’s essential film resource, The Art of Film Funding.

In addition to consulting for the Roy W. Dean Film & Video Grants, Norman is on the Board of Advisers for People With Disabilities Broadcasting Corporation. He is moderator of The Budgeting Group, creator of the online film community, ReelGrok and moderator of LinkedIn’s largest film group, Film and Television Professionals (over 135,000 members). He has taught film production for Media Services, The Directors Guild, Filmmakers Bootcamp, Showbiz Expo and others. His popular seminars have been presented in New York, Los Angeles and online.

A member of the Directors Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild, Actors Equity and The Internet Press Guild, Norman has been creating new productions, writing about filmmaking, teaching film production and providing resources for filmmakers throughout his career.